Our Family

New Year's Eve on the Delta King Riverboat in "Old Sacramento"

HAPPY 2000!

These are our granddogs

Halley Donaldson

Sioux Moutray

Our Kids

Our Beautiful Daughter, Becki
...And Her Handsome Husband, Nick

Our Other Beautiful Daughter, Dia

Home Sweet Home

Croquet Anyone?

Nick, Dia, Claud, & Becki
Visiting Ft. Point, in San Francisco
On an acting gig with Becki
Claud glues almost 1000 corks to make this neat backboard!

Birthday lunch in SF, for Angela and Claud
Washing Dia's Saturn &Becki & Nick's Land Rover
34th Anniversary at The Culinary Institute of America, in St. Helena
The Renaissance Faire comes to Vacaville

Claud, Angela, Becki & Nick
Angela does the Bay to Breakfast Walk, through Golden Gate Park
Claud's parents, Cliff & Barb, come to visit
(Eating out in SF and visiting the Jelly Belly Factory)
Visiting Berringer's Winery, in St. Helena, with relatives

left-Lois & Phillis; top-N.Y. & Tulsa folks; bottom-Becki, Caroline, Angela,& Nick
The Pointers and the Moutrays, on our patio

top-Zane, Andi, Tyler, & Phillis; bottom-Barb, Phillis, Tyler, Andi, & Zane
Taking the relatives to Fisherman's Wharf

top-SF skyline; center-Alcatraz behind; bottom-Aunt Inez, Lois, Angela, Barb, & Cliff, eating at Bubba Gump's
The Brits stop by on their way to Disneyland and Universal Studios

top-Nick, Becki, Phil, Tania, & Caroline; bottom-Lizzie and Alexander
Tania is our houseguest

top-Tania & Claud; bottom-Tania & Angela, after church
Angela and Tania do San Francisco!

top-The Palace of Fine Arts; bottom-Tania and cable car bus
More SF with Angela and Tania...

top-Tania, at Ocean Beach, Cliff House on the hill; Bottom L-Grace Cathedral; bottom R-Angela & Tania in the Cliff House Restaurant
Sioux stays with us while Dia settles in NYC
Halley has knee surgery (top-with Becki; bottom-with Caroline)
Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends

Claud, Nick, Becki, James, Maggie, & Caroline
More Thanksgiving--a first for Caroline!

Nick, Becki, Angela, James, Maggie, & Caroline
Christmas in downtown San Francisco

top-Claud, in Union Square, across from Macy's; bottom-The Christmas Tree in Neiman Marcus
More Christmas in SF

top-Angela in the Santa Claus Lobby of the St. Francis Hotel; center-front lobby of the St. Francis, with gingerbread castle and choir; bottom-Angela, Claud, Steve, Caroline, Nick and Becki eat at the Hard Rock Cafe
Christmas Eve at church and at the Moutray's

top-Steve, Caroline, Claud, Angela, Becki, & Nick at Davis Community Church; center-our living room; bottom-my lasagna dinner(yum!)
Christmas Day at the Moutray's

top-the gifts await; center-Halley in the aftermath; bottom-Nick, Becki, Angela, Caroline, & Steve enjoy a delicious "English" Christmas dinner
An outing to Lake Berryessa and Putah Creek, both near Vacaville

The Cast:
  • Claud and Angela-Your host and hostess
  • Becki and Nick Donaldson-Daughter and son-in-law, from Oakland
  • Dia-daughter, from New York City
  • Cliff and Barb-Claud's parents, from Tulsa, OK
  • Tania Donaldson-Nick's Mother, from Winchester, England
  • Caroline Donaldson-Nick's youngest sister, from England
  • Lizzie, Phil, and Alexander-Nick's oldest sister, her husband and son, from England
  • Phillis-married to Claud's brother, Gary
  • Andi, Zane, and Tyler Pointer-Phillis' daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, from Skiatook, OK
  • Inez-Angela's Aunt, from Durham N.C.
  • Lois Wickwire, Angela's cousin, from upstate New York
  • Steve Kemp-friend of Caroline's, from England
  • James and Maggie Kitzmiller, friends of Becki and Nick, from Emeryville, CA
  • Sioux-Dia's dog
  • Halley-Becki and Nick's dog
The Moutray/Donaldson Wedding
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