The Moutray/Donaldson Wedding

October 9, 1999

Nicholas and Rebecca Marry

The Setting

Jenner By The Sea

The Jenner Inn and the meadow behind
A Wedding in the Meadow

The Invitation
The Rehearsal Dinner

  1. (CW)Rebecca, Nick, Caroline, Dia, Craig, Claud, Angela
  2. (l to r)Lizzie, Greg, Nikki, Sophie, Andy,Sue, Phil
  3. (lto r)Inez, Lois, Cliff, Barb

The Bride and her Maid-of-Honor, sisters Rebecca and Dia

The Bride and Groom with Family Members

...with the Bride's parents, Angela and Claud Moutray

...With the Groom's family, sister, Lizzie Lee, Mother, Tania Donaldson, sisters, Sophie and Caroline Donaldson

...With the Bride's grandparents, Barbara and Cliff Moutray

...With the Bride's Great Aunt, Inez Cook
...With Nick's Father, John Donaldson, in spirit...

...With Bride's sister, Dia Moutray
...With Mom and the wedding traditions: purse-something old, from grandmother Barb; dress-something new;pearl necklace-something borrowed, from Mom; monogrammed hankies belonging to grandparents Frank and Irene, just to have them near; blue ASU college pin-something blue, from parents

Tania and grandson, Alexander Lee

...With their parents
...With his new Father-in-Law

...And More Family
Sophie and boyfriend, Greg Cecil

Inez Cook(Angela's Aunt, from NC) and Lois Wickwire(Angela's cousin, from NY), surrounded by Bride's 3rd cousins, Jim and Cathy Ogden(from NY)
The Bride's Uncle Gary and Aunt Phillis Moutray, from OK

Tyler, Zane and Andi Pointer(their daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, from OK)

The Preparation

The Ceremony

The Wedding Party

The Groom and Best Man, Craig DeForest, await

Dear Family and Friends Process

      The Lee's          Gary and Phillis    Robin and Caroline

  Greg and Sophie       Mike and Lois       Inez, Cliff, and Barbara

    Tania and Angela         Claudia         Dad removes cloak before processing

Dad reads ICor:13, Mom sings "The Lord's Prayer"

Ceremony Highlights:

Dia tells of engagement on Solsbury Hill and Craig Dickerson sings "Pure Imagination"

The vows are said and the Bride is kissed...

The Bride and Groom drink from the Kibbutz Cup, read tributes to their parents, and perform the old tradition of "Jumping the Broom"

The Reception

Phillis, with grandson, Tyler and daughter and son-in-law Andi and Zane

The Mums-in-Law

The Yankees and the Brits
Toasts are made by the Best Man, the Maid of Honor, the Father of the Bride, and the Bride's family--who read marriage sentiments, followed by Mom singing "Annie's Song". The Groom also gives a moving toast to his late father, John.

Nick and his Mum, who made the wonderful groom's cake and transported it, with great care, from England
The festivities move inside:

The Groom's Cake and Wedding Goblets

The Bride tosses her bouquet, and Dad and Rebecca's new husband get the first dance

Article from our Vacaville newspaper

The Beginning...

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