Our Family

Our 33rd Anniversary with Dia, Becki, and Nick

Our gift: Our own website and domain!

These are our granddogs



Our Kids

Our lovely daughter, Becki and her handsome fiancee, Nick

Our Beautiful Daughters, Dia and Becki

Becki and Mom

Our New California Home

Our Latest Escapades

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  1. (top)Claud and Angi in Muir Woods (bottom)Aunt Neva in Sutter's Winery garden
  2. Claud and Angi in Sutter's garden
  3. (top)Davis Community Church (bottom)Angi and doorknocker gift from Tulsa pool class
  4. (top)Becki, Nick, Angi, Claud, Phillis, Gary, Barb, Cliff (bottom) Angi and Claud near Jenner, CA
  5. (top)Family in Muir Woods (bottom) Angi and in-laws at Sterling Vinyard
  6. (top) Claud with Bud and Judy Sanders at Berringer Winery (bottom) Claud & Angi wearing gifts from the Sanders
  7. Mother's Day: Dinner Sat. night and lunch after church
  8. Us with DCC Co-Pastors, Jim Kitchens and Mary Lynn Tobin, and the REAL Jim and Mary

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