Resume of Angela Moutray

Work History

Personal Fitness Trainer: Present Occupation

St. John Medical Center-Health Club: 1993-1998

  1. Arthritis Foundation Certified
  2. Cardiac Rehabilitation (Exercise Physiologist)
  3. Chair Aerobics Instructor
  4. Theraputic Pool Exercise Instructor
City of Faith Fitness Center: 1982-1988

  1. Health/Fitness Specialist, Lecturer, and Consultant
  2. Fitness Assessment Technologist
  3. Weight Control and Body Compostion Specialist
  4. Aerobics and Exercise Instructor
  5. CPR Instructor
Oral Robert's University-Aerobics Center: 1975-1982
  1. American College of Sports Medicine Certified
  2. Exercise Research Technician
  3. Fitness Assessment Expert
  4. Aerobics and Adult Fitness Instructor
St. John Medical Center: 1971-1975
  1. Electrocardiograph Technician
  2. Supervisor of Electrocardiograph Department
English and Physical Education High School Instructor: 1966-1969

Skills Summary

  1. HTML and Graphics
  2. Health-Fitness Specialist/Lecturer
  3. Fitness Assessment Technician
  4. Aerobics Choreographer/Instructor
  5. Theraputic Exercise Instructor: Standing, Sitting, and Water
  6. Electrocardiograph Technician and Monitoring



Hobbies and Interests

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